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The best rig is the one

you have with you!

To capture high quality video, you need the right equipment with you. That’s why LOKI is designed to slot in next to your existing gear, so wherever you end up filming, you can capture a range of amazing shots.

A camera rig that adapts to you

However you like to capture video, LOKI adapts to your shooting style, rig set-up and body position. The steel rosettes on all the articulated joints allow for quick adjustments but also guarantee that once LOKI is in position, it will not slip.

Run ‘n’ Gun Perfection

Dynamic video needs a dynamic rig. That’s why LOKI can be stripped back or built up depending on your needs and camera set-up. It’s the perfect partner for Run ‘n’ Gun filmmaking.

Attachable Cage Bar

Attach the cage bar to LOKI’s handles to add extra mounting options and protection for your camera. Lined with 1/4 inch threads, the cage bar enables you to further customise your rig.

Cinematic edge

LOKI gives you the ability to shoot gliding tracking and dolly shots both linearly and radially. Attach the wheels to add some flair to your video with 360 degree spin rounds or Hitchcock style dolly zooms.

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